Kristen: I Always Wanted To Be a Disney Princess

From Cinderella to Pocahontas, almost every little girl looks up to Disney princesses, and actress Kristen Bell was no exception. Now the Veronica Mars star is voicing Anna in the upcoming film Frozen, and fulfilling her dream of obtaining a place in the hallowed halls of the princess pantheon.
ET caught up with Bell and the rest of the cast at the Hollywood premiere of Frozen at El Capitan Theatre on Tuesday night, Nov. 19, and the stars opened up about the excitement surrounding the Disney film.
"I've wanted to be [a Disney princess] for so long, it was so important to me, and I put such a weight on it, and currently I feel really proud that this is my particular princess," said Bell, 33. "I strived to make her unique and weird and goofy, like I was as a kid."
Josh Gad, who plays the anthropomorphic snowman Olaf, matched Bell's excitement, adding that for him, playing the comic relief in an animated Disney film has been a dream of his since he was a little kid.
"I grew up during the second golden age of Disney animation," Gad, 32, recalled. "So I remember seeing Aladdin in the theater. I remember seeing Robin Williams play the genie and I turned to my mom and I said 'I want to do that one day.' So to then get the phone call to say, 'By the way you get to do this,' I wasn't going to take that for granted."
Glee guy Jonathan Groff, 28, who stars as the heroic woodsman Kristoff, also couldn't be more thrilled about his role in the project. "It's a complete dream come true," Groff said of joining the Disney family. "I grew up watching Disney movies. I dressed up like Cinderella and Peter Pan and Marry Poppins when I was little."
Check out the video for more from the cast before Frozen hits theaters on Nov. 27.