Watch the Heavy 'Gravity' Spinoff Short Film

If you haven't seen Gravity yet, be warned of mild spoilers: A short companion film, Aningaaq, has surfaced, showing the other side of Sandra Bullock's desperate and existential radio conversation with a disembodied foreign voice – along with a barking dog and a crying baby – that occurs when she has secured herself into the cockpit of a Russian space capsule, temporary safe haven before what she believes will be her inevitable death. Watch it above!
Aningaaq follows the moments of an Inuit fisherman working with his family and sled dogs on a remote fjord in Greenland when he receives Bullock's distress call, and the unique back-and-forth that ensues.
The seven-minute film was directed by Jonas Cuaron, who also co-wrote the intense space survival thriller with his father, director Alfonso Cuaron. Initially intended to be a Blu-ray bonus feature, The Hollywood Reporter reports that the film made the rounds at a few festival screenings and now has been submitted by Warner Bros. for Oscar consideration in the live-action short category. If it lands the nomination along with its sure-bet feature-length counterpart, this would mark the first time in Oscar history that a film and its spinoff short were up for kudos in the same year.