Julia on Foul-Mouthed 'Osage County' Character

Cursing is certainly not one of Julia Roberts' on-screen trademarks, but her character in August: Osage County is quite the foul-mouthed woman.
"It's not my normal go-to way of expressing strong feelings," Roberts said during ET's behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming black comedy drama. "I mean, I think a well-placed one [curse word] can really go a long way."
The bulk of those curse words are directed at Roberts' character's mother in the film, portrayed by the renowned Meryl Streep.
While their characters are at-odds, Roberts and Streep got along well off-camera. Roberts revealed that her legendary co-star was a gracious host and would invite the cast over for dinners, which also doubled as rehearsals.
Watch the video for a full behind-the-scenes look at August Osage: County, in theaters December 27.