Universal Nixes Patrick Wilson's 'Stretch' Release

Photo: Getty Images
Universal Pictures has decided that it will not release the Patrick Wilson comedy-thriller Stretch on March 21, as previously planned, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The film, produced by Jason Blum, who created the megahit sensations Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and The Purge, only cost $5 million dollars to make.
When Universal first passed on releasing, Blum was given the opportunity to shop it around to other studios. He was unable to find any buyers, so the rights to the project have reverted back to Universal.
In Stretch, Patrick Wilson is a limo driver who takes on a wild and crazy billionaire passenger, and the night spirals out of control and into the insane. Chris Pine, Ray Liotta, Jessica Alba, Ed Helms, James Badge Dale and Brooklyn Decker co-star.
According to a source that spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal execs didn't believe that they would be able to recoup the $5 million production budget or the $20 to $40 million that it would cost for a wide theatrical release.
It is unclear at this point what Universal plans to do with Stretch, or when the film will eventually be distributed.