New Trailer: RPatz Goes a Bit 'Mad Max' in 'Rover'

Photo: A24 Films
Robert Pattinson channels a bit o' the ol' Mad Max in the brand-new trailer for his gritty new movie, The Rover. Watch the video!
The former Twilight vamp stars opposite Guy Pearce in director David Michôd's hugely anticipated follow-up to Animal Kingdom. Set Down Under in the desert a decade after "the collapse of society," The Rover casts Pearce as a man who will go to any lengths to take back the one thing that still matters to him, enlisting Pattinson on his journey.
With taciturn Australians in the near-future desert wasteland duking it out on the road and with shotguns under the sizzling high-noon sun, it's hard not to equate The Rover with the Mad Max saga just a little bit, albeit as a much more grounded parable...
Co-written by Michôd and his Animal Kingdom star Joel Edgerton, The Rover hits theaters this summer.