Exclusive Clip: Brendan's Pep Talk is 'Hairbrained'

Have you ever been given a pep talk that clearly does more harm than good? Brendan Fraser displays his comedic chops as a 41-year-old college freshman without a lot of confidence in the new comedy Hairbrained, and we have an exclusive clip from the film!
In theaters Friday, Hairbrained casts the former Mummy action star as Leo Searly, a gambler whose world has imploded, prompting him to drop out of life and enroll at Whitman College, an Ivy League wannabe. There, he meets Eli Pettifog (Alex Wolff), an eccentric, shaggy-haired, 14-year old genius outcast who has a chip on his shoulder after being rejected from Harvard University. The odd duo become unlikely friends, and soon learn some lessons about life -- and compromise -- in this comedic, coming of age film co-starring Parker Posey, Fred Malamed, Julia Garner and Austin Pendleton.
Watch the Hairbrained trailer: