Exclusive 'Cuban Fury' Clip: Rashida & Nick Meet Cute

Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones finds herself the object of the affections of Brit funnymen Nick Frost and Chris O'Dowd in the new comedy Cuban Fury, in select theaters April 11, and ETonline is proud to present an exclusive clip from the film in which Nick and Rashida meet cute!
Cornetto trilogy star Frost takes center stage in this dance comedy as Bruce, an out-of-shape, emotionally inert Brit who sees a chance at love with his new American boss Julia (played by Jones). After he discovers that she has a secret passion for salsa dancing, he rallies to confront past demons of ridicule and find the courage to shake it on the dance floor once more. But first, he's got to get past Drew, the oversexed alpha-male of the office (Chris O'Dowd), to win Julia's attention -- and unleash his inner fury!
Also starring Olivia Colman, Kayvan Novak and Ian McShane, Cuban Fury is directed by James Griffiths (Up All Night).