Good Actors, Bad Roles

Every actor has one role that they regret, so we dug up the biggest duds of Hollywood's biggest stars.
Brad Pitt didn't even bother seeing his 1989 slasher film Cutting Class, claiming that he wants it wiped off his resume.
Likewise, Brad's longtime partner Angelina Jolie probably doesn't spend too much time reflecting on her role in Cyborg 2.
She gave her review to The New York Times, saying, "After I saw it, I went home and got sick."
Daniel Craig and Kate Winslet suffered a rare bomb for the two in A Kid in King Arthur's Court. In 19 years, it's still only earned about $13 million.
Fire on the Amazon featured a semi-nude scene from Sandra Bullock, which made her so nervous that she reportedly downed tequila with her co-star just to get through it.
Watch the video to find out who topped our list of embarrassing roles.