Shailene Woodley: My Armpits Turn Theo James On

Divergent co-stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James show off their natural chemistry in this new clip from the Divergent DVD, in which the two joke about filming a crucial scene from the film, based off the Veronica Roth best-selling novel.
In the scene, Tris (Woodley) jumps off a building as an initiation into the "Dauntless" faction of her rigid society, only to land on a safety net, where she's helped up by Four (James).
Though according to Shailene, Theo actually enjoyed "groping" her armpits.
"It was very romantic -- it was his excuse to grope my armpits," she jokes about filming the scene "500 times." "It just turns him on -- weird."
Watch the clip to see more hilarious behind-the-scenes footage of Shailene and Theo!
Divergent will be released for Digital Download on July 22, with the DVD and Blu-ray coming out on August 5.