Celebrity Showdown: Angelina Jolie vs. Charlize Theron

Photo: Getty Images
This weekend, Angelina Jolie's Maleficent wiped the floor with the western comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West, starring, in part, Charlize Theron.
Why one film did so well, earning $70 million, while the other star-studded comedy opened so weakly, at $17 million, is still up for debate. What we want to look at this week on Celebrity Showdown is: Which leading lady has the best career? A Million Ways To Die's Charlize Theron or the magnificent Maleficent's Angelina Jolie?
They've both got an Oscar on their mantels, they've both been in huge-budget films, and they're both on the highest rung of the A-list celebrity ladder. With this Celebrity Showdown, we leave personal preference behind and take a long hard look at the numbers.
In Celebrity Showdown, we look at seven unique and important criteria to judge a star's career. First, the total number of films they have starred or co-starred in. Cameos don't count.
Next, we look at money. Which star had the highest grossing single film? Which star has the highest average box-office gross? Finally, which star has the largest combined gross of all the films of their career.
But money isn't everything! We also look at reviews, with an emphasis on Rotten Tomatoes. We take a look at the star's highest Rotten Tomatoes Score, and then, to be fair, we average out all their scores from all of their films.
And finally, acclaim must be taken into consideration, so we have an 'Awards Score.' This score is found by assigning points to the trophies they have taken home. Oscars are worth 2 points, Emmys, Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards are worth 1 point, and People's Choice Awards are worth .5 points. While a Razzie Award gets you -1 point.
So which incredibly gorgeous and vastly talented star is the ranking queen of Hollywood? For fun, take a guess at who you think will win, then check out our results!
ROUND 1 TOTAL NUMBER OF FILMS: Jolie: 30 (TIE) Theron: 30 (TIE)
ROUND 2 HIGHEST GROSSING FILM: Jolie: King Fu Panda - $215.4 million Theron: Hancock - $227.9 million (WINNER)
ROUND 3 AVERAGE BOX-OFFICE GROSS: Jolie: $62.1 million (WINNER) Theron: $36.5 million
ROUND 4 TOTAL COMBINED GROSS: Jolie: $1.86 billion (WINNER) Theron: $1.09 billion
ROUND 5 HIGHEST ROTTEN TOMATOES SCORE: Jolie: 87% - Kung Fu Panda (WINNER) Theron: 82% - Monster
ROUND 7 'AWARDS SCORE': Jolie: 7 (WINNER) Theron: 3.5
FINAL SCORE: Jolie: 4 Theron: 2
Congratulations Angelina Jolie! While you haven't been on-screen in nearly four years, since The Tourist opposite Johnny Depp, your work speaks for itself, especially with this newest release of Maleficent, which proved to be your biggest opening weekend ever!
As far Charlize Theron? Don't give up! You still won in some key categories and we're all pretty sure you're going to be just fine, even if you didn't beat Jolie in this incredibly important and influential Celebrity Showdown!