5 Sci-Fi Movies That Should Be Remade With Robert Pattinson


Why It Would Rock: The original follows a cop, played by Harrison Ford, whose job is to find and "retire" escaped robots that look like real people. It's all about what makes us human, and it's one of the most celebrated sci-fi films of all time. It would be a chance for Pattinson to not only prove himself and to reinvent himself, but also for a way to bring a new kind of blood and energy into Scott's proposed film. Also, since all these rumors seem to revolve around Pattinson remaking Harrison Ford movies, it fits right in!

Why It (Probably) Won't Happen: Because the movie itself probably isn't going to happen. It's been planned for years and the original came out in 1982, 32 years ago. Plus, Scott apparently wants to cast Ford again, because apparently he didn't pay attention to his own movie.

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