5 Sci-Fi Movies That Should Be Remade With Robert Pattinson


Why It Would Rock: Cyborg was a lesser-known Jean-Claude Van Damme action film from 1989 that was the most '1989' thing that ever existed. In the film, the world has been destroyed by a virus and a bodyguard/mercenary must escort a young woman who possesses the cure through an urban jungle of killers and psychopaths. It would just be nice to see Pattinson get to bust out some martial arts and adapt a role originally meant for Van Damme.

Why It (Probably) Won't Happen: There's no good reason it shouldn't happen. It would be an awesome movie, and Pattinson playing a guy defending a young woman from violent evil psychos is something he's done before. All he would have to do is bulk up a bit and then learn martial arts.

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