'Transformers' Scores Big With Massive $100 Million Opening

Photo: Paramount
In a surprise to absolutely no one, Transformers: Age Of Extinction did very, very well at the box office this weekend, earning $100 million domestically in its first three days of release.
The film, which replaced Shia LaBeouf in the lead role with action icon Mark Wahlberg, also scored another $201.3 million in foreign sales, bringing its worldwide gross to $301.3 million.
The film is fourth in the franchise, and is a reboot in that it features an entirely new cast. It also introduces the fan favorite Dinobots, which are transformers that look like dinosaurs.
It outpaced the first Transformers film – which opened with $70.5 million – but fell short of the second and third installments, which opened with $108.9 million and $115.8 million, respectively.
With Transformers dominating the box office, there wasn't much of a chance for other films to score very big. 22 Jump Street managed to hang onto its No. 2 spot, earning $15.4 million, thus bringing its domestic total to $139 million off a $50 million budget.
The DreamWorks animated film How To Train Your Dragon 2 managed to hold on to its third-place spot, earning $13.1 million.
Meanwhile, Think Like A Man Too took a hard fall, dropping from first place to fourth, earning $10.4 million, a 64.4% drop from its opening weekend.
Disney's Maleficent stayed static at No. 5, earning $8.2 million, which brings its total to $201.8 million in the US.
Clint Eastwood's poorly-received film adaptation of the musical Jersey Boys dropped from fourth to sixth, and took in $7.6 million, bringing its domestic total to $27.3 million, still far from its modest $40 million budget.
The young adult romantic drama The Fault In Our Stars dropped from seventh to eight and took in $4.8 million, while X-Men: Days Of Future Past followed suit, dropping from eight to ninth, earning $3.3 million.
Jon Favreau's Chef stayed strong in the No. 10 spot with $1.6 million, only a 3.2% drop from last weekend. What movie did you see this week?
1. Transformers: Age Of Extinction - $100 million 2. 22 Jump Street - $15.4 million 3. How To Train Your Dragon 2 - $13.1 million 4. Think Like A Man Too - $10.4 million 5. Maleficent - $8.2 million 6. Jersey Boys - $7.6 million 7. Edge Of Tomorrow - $5.2 million 8. The Fault In Our Stars - $4.8 million 9. X-Men: Days Of Future Past - $3.3 million 10. Chef - $1.6 million