John Cusack Is Out For Blood In New 'Reclaim' Trailer

by Zach Seemayer 6:55 PM PDT, August 05, 2014
Playing John Cusack Is Out For Blood In New 'Reclaim' Trailer

If the upcoming Ryan Phillippe/John Cusack/Rachelle Lefevre action drama Reclaim had one message for audiences, it would likely be that you probably shouldn't adopt children from shady, black-market orphanages.

In this fast-paced indie thriller, Phillippe and Lefevre play a married couple desperately trying to adopt a daughter in Puerto Rico. When they finally get the little girl of their dreams, their lives get flipped upside down when it turns out their new child has been "reclaimed" and they've been taken for a scam.

And whose job is it to reclaim the young girl? A menacing, scowling John Cusack and his band of evil con-artists.

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The couple turn to the police, but seemingly to no avail. So they do what any suburban upper-middle class married couple who got scammed by murderous con artists in Puerto Rico would do! They fight back.

Two-time Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver and Boogie Nights star Luis Guzman co-star in this film from director Alan White.

Reclaim hits theaters and VOD September 19.