Lauren Bacall & Humphrey Bogart: A Look At Their Cinematic Legacy

'Key Largo'

In 1948, Bogart and Bacall appeared in their final film together. Key Largo is considered one of the best films of Bacall or Bogart's careers and is one of the most iconic films in the gangster genre.

Bogart plays Frank McCloud, a war vet who travels to an old hotel in Key Largo, Florida to pay tribute to an old fried who died in the war. At the hotel, he discovers that the place has been taken over by evil gangsters - led by Edward G. Robinson – and that his friend's widow and her father are being held hostage. Also, a hurricane in about to hit the city.

It's an amazing film, and sadly it was the last film the two appeared in together. They both went on to have amazing careers while staying married until 1957 when Bogart passed away due to cancer. But their mark on Hollywood will never be forgotten.

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