Watch How This Adorable Little Boy Reacts to Watching 'Star Wars' For the First Time

Photo: YouTube
Believe it or not, there are some people in the world who haven’t seen Star Wars. This one is a little more believable, on account of he’s 3-years-old and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (AKA the original Star Wars) came out in 1977.
Dad Sam Blakeman filmed his son James watching for the first time:
Photo: YouTube
Even though James has never seen Star Wars, he’s not going in completely blind. He has some knowledge of the Galactic Empire stored up in that little noggin:
Photo: YouTube
Dar Vender! The Storm Woopers! The People!
Now, be quiet, he’s trying to watch the movie.
Photo: YouTube
And you should watch him watching the movie:
If you don’t have four minutes to brighten your day, here it is in summary:
Wait until he find out there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out this year!
The Force Awakens and more movie sequels we can’t wait to see in 2015: