7 Insane Moments From the 'Furious 7' Super Bowl Spot

Tyrese Gibson's Roman Pearce hits the nail on the head in the Furious 7 trailer when he says, "This takes crazy to a whole 'nother level."
The film's Super Bowl spot layered on the craziness of the upcoming film, getting everyone pumped for the adrenaline-filled insanity-ride that it will undoubtedly be.
Yes, seeing Paul Walker again did hit us in the heart a little harder than expected, but the movie knows how to balance it out with the kind of run-and-gun fun that Walker was a great at.

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So here are seven of the most exciting moments from Furious 7's Super Bowl spot.
Vin Diesel's House Explodes
It's never a good idea to blow up Vin Diesel's house. He probably had lots of nice stuff in there.
Jason Statham Has a Machine Gun
But he uses it to just hit people with! Because he's Jason Statham and he's amazing.
Vin Diesel Gets An Old School Shotgun
What did we tell you about blowing up his damn house?
Cars Crash Really Hard
They crash cars so hard in this movie it breaks the windows of surrounding buildings!
Dwayne Johnson Has a Mini-gun
This needs no explanation as to why it's exciting. But it bears repeating: Dwayne Johnson walks around shooting a mini-gun.
Fancy Houses
This is a super fancy house, and it looks to be in the middle of Saudi Arabia. What is the movie about again?
Amazing Car Escape
Vin Diesel drives a car out the window of a penthouse and then into another skyscraper a few hundred feet away. Awesome!

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