'Fifty Shades' Director Wanted a 'Natural' Look For Anastasia's Sex Scenes - and Got It!

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Fifty Shades of Grey is heavy on the sex and seduction, and we know that there's at least one aspect of the film that has its own story arc: Anastasia Steel's pubic hair.
According to Fifty Shades director Sam Taylor Johnson, who went on HuffPost Live to talk about her sophomore directorial effort, she wanted to make sure Anastasia’s naked form resembled a real person's body, instead of the hairless god-like figures in most erotic film fare.
"It was a conscious choice. [Dakota Johnson] and I had a very funny discussion about the arc and journey of her pubic hair," Taylor-Johnson said. "She should start one way, and she goes on this journey with it, and in line with how it’s written in the book, is the journey of that."
The story follows Anastasia Steele (Johnson), a timid college student who gets the opportunity to interview billionaire playboy Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). While they are immediately attracted to each other, Steele soon learns of Grey's sexual proclivities -- namely his interest in hardcore bondage and sadomasochism.
While Dornan's Christian Grey is a clean-shaven, well-endowed businessman, Johnson's Anastasia Steele begins the film ignorant of the world of BDSM. However, this changes when she's introduced to the domineering Grey.
One scene from the book, which reportedly made it into the film, puts Anastasia's pubic hair in the spotlight when she and Grey get into some kinky fun when he shaves her.
"Look out for the journey of the pubic hair," Taylor Johnson told HuffPost Live.
Check out the S&M filled trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey below. The film hits theaters Feb. 13.