'Dark Places' Trailer Proves It's a Worthy Companion to 'Gone Girl'

A24 Films
Three years before author Gillian Flynn published the twisted thriller Gone Girl, she was already ruling the thriller genre with her disturbing mystery Dark Places.
Now, we have a look at the French trailer for the novel's upcoming film adaption, and it looks even creepier than Gone Girl -- if that was even possible.

Warning: This trailer contains NSFW language. 
In Dark Places, Charlize Theron stars as Libby, a woman who witnesses the brutal murder of her family when she was a young girl. Questioned by police, Libby claims her brother committed the heinous crime, but years later it looks as if the truth could be stranger than she ever imagined.
With the help of the "Kill Club" -- a secret group of true crime enthusiasts and amateur sleuths -- Libby finds herself on a dangerous hunt for the real killer.
Nicholas Hoult, Chloe Grace Moretz, Corey Stoll, Tye Sheridan and Christina Hendricks star in this morbid tale of death and deceit.
No date has yet been set for the film's U.S. premiere, but the film opens across Europe in April.
Check out the 2014 trailer for Gone Girl to compare the two films. 
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