'Furious 7' Stars Show Support for Paul Walker's Brother's Possible Acting Pursuit

Furious 7 opens this weekend, and the action-packed seventh installment in the franchise is poised to be one of the biggest box office blockbusters in years. However, the film came very close to not being finished at all when star Paul Walker died in a car accident in November 2013.
With most of the film already shot and complete, Walker's family stepped up to the plate to help the filmmakers finish the late star's final film.
Walker's brothers, Caleb and Cody, agreed to help serve as stand-ins for a number of the movie's unfinished action sequences.
Now, after working with the Furious 7 family, Cody Walker may be pursuing an action career of his own, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
ET caught up with some of the stars of Furious 7 at the film's massive red carpet premiere in Hollywood, and spoke with them about Cody's possible career choice.
"Wow! Cody, we need you baby!" co-star Tyrese Gibson exclaimed, hearing the news for the first time. "If you hang around the barbershop long enough, at some point you're gonna get a haircut."
Actress Jordana Brewster also expressed how excited she was for Cody's reported decision to start acting.
"I think that's great," Brewster said, smiling. "I think that's awesome. If it helped spark a dream, that's awesome!"
Check out the video for more from Gibson about how the Walker family's support was inspiriing and ultimately instrumental in finishing the film.