Channing Tatum's MTV Movie Awards Hat Is Weirding Everybody Out

Channing Tatum, our love for you knows no bounds, but we have to talk about this hat.
The 34-year-old actor presented the Best Female Performance category with his Magic Mike XXL co-stars at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards wearing a...silly golfer cap maybe?
We just wanna know what even is it.
It's literally your only bad quality right now.
It kinda looks like a tortilla.
And a few other things.
Is Newsies coming back?
Are there no other options?
He looks like a sexy grandpa.
Sorry Channing, we love you!
You're still our favorite!
Just had to call it out.
Hot guy, weird hat.
At least dad got a kick out of it.
This just confirms what we already knew -- Channing Tatum in less clothes (hat included) is ALWAYS BETTER.
Let's all forget about the hat and watch Channing on set of Magic Mike XXL.