Amy Schumer's Best Jokes (and One That Maybe Went Too Far) at the MTV Movie Awards

We pretty much love you, Amy Schumer.
The 33-year old star of the upcoming Judd Apatow movie Trainwreck hosted the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, and while one joke maaaaay have gone a bit too far, overall she killed it (and kept the show at a tight two hours, thank God).
Here are some of our favorite jokes from the night (as well as the one that took Jennifer Lopez back a bit).
She called out the audience for thinking she sings "All About That Bass."
When she spoke the truth about Chris Pratt's abs.
She broke the biggest news about Hillary Clinton.
Schumer also has a hard time with "Blurred Lines" actress/model Emily Ratajkowski's name.
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Just WOW.
She wouldn't let poor little (Comedic Genius Award winner) Kevin Hart catch a break.
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"Kevin Hart how are you the same height as your kids?"
One joke might have gone a little too far, and DEFINITELY caught J. Lo's attention.
And of course, the obligatory "MTV doesn't play music" joke.
Honorable mention: The archery fail.
She says she trained in archery "for five hours" for this bit.
MTV, bring Amy Schumer back next year!
Now, let's watch her play Shag, Marry, Kill.