James Franco and Jonah Hill Get Serious in Dark Drama, 'True Story'

by Ashley Crossan 3:35 PM PDT, April 20, 2015
Playing James Franco and Jonah Hill Get Serious in Dark Drama, 'True Story'

We know James Franco and Jonah Hill as the goofy, unstoppable pair in This is the End – but now, things are taking a turn for the serious in their new dark and gritty drama, True Story.

Hill stars as Michael Finkel, a disgraced journalist who meets Christian Longo (Franco), an accused killer who has assumed Finkel’s identity.

“I think people naturally want Jonah and I to get along when they see us in a scene together,” Franco told ET. “They become interested in the relationship -- just because who we are and our history and from other kinds of movies.”

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“I have such huge respect for them,” said co-star Felicity Jones. “They push boundaries and they care about film so much and [they’re] always trying new things, so it's great to work with them.”

The film is produced by Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B – and served as Franco’s introduction to Pitt.

“He is so so nice,” said Franco. “He was really interested in the kind of the things I was doing.”

“He is the best boss in that he lets everyone just get on with their work,” said added Jones.

True Story is currently in theaters.