Could One of These Five Actors Be the Next Spider-Man?

Could one of these fresh-faced actors be our newest web slinger?
According to The Wrap, Sony and Marvel have narrowed down their list of young actors to be the next Spider-Man, and these five up-and-comers have reportedly made the list.
1. Asa Butterfield
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Eighteen-year-old Asa Butterfield is best known for his starring role in the Oscar-nominated Hugo, and starring opposite Harrison Ford in Ender’s Game.
2. Tom Holland
Eighteen-year-old Tom Holland gave an amazing performance as Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor’s son in the survival drama The Impossible.
3. Nat Wolff
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Twenty-year-old Nat Wolff is on the verge of leading man status. His performance in The Fault in Our Stars led to his upcoming starring role, opposite Cara Delevingne, in Paper Towns.
4. Timothee Chalamet
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Nineteen-year-old Timothee Chalamet is known for his role as Finn Walden in Homeland, and as Matthew McConaughey’s son in Interstellar.
5. Liam James
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Eighteen-year-old Liam James is best known for starring as Duncan in the critically acclaimed The Way Way Back, and he had a co-starring role on Psych.
The decision on the new Spidey is reportedly expected to be made within the next two or three weeks, and these are just some of the strong contenders on the list.
Spider-Man will have his own standalone movie in July 2017, and rumor has it he will make his grand debut in Captain America: Civil War, out May 2016.
We’re still a little sad about saying goodbye to Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, but it’s clear the studios are in search of a younger actor.
Who do you think should be the next Spider-Man?