Zac Efron Channels Calvin Harris' Sexy DJ Persona in 'We Are Your Friends'

by Alex Ungerman 3:18 PM PDT, May 19, 2015
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

This was bound to happen eventually.

Unattainably attractive person Zac Efron is being paired up with unattainably attractive person Emily Ratajkowski in a new movie agbout DJ's due to drop (like a beat) this summer.

The film is called We Are Your Friends -- titled after a 2006 Justice song, which is also featured prominently in the trailer -- and stars Efron as a super hot DJ struggling to "find his sound."

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He and his friends have read a lot about Instagram.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

And they too would like to make a lot of money.

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It's basically Lords of Dogtown for the millenial generation -- there's even a prominently featured empty swimming pool.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Zac gets the attention of a big time producer, and has to reconcile his relationship with his friends....

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

…With the fact that Emily Ratajkowski (you remember her basically naked from the "Blurred Lines" video!) is interested in him.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Zamily Efratajkowski.

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Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

Watch the full trailer.

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Apparently, American DJ Bassnectar approves. Although, still no word from Taylor Swift’s EDM DJ beau Calvin Harris

Photo: YouTube

To be honest, it seems like this new picture puts the bro in Warner Bros. But we just really wanna see it for some reason.

Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Sorry, we're going to go pull ourselves together for a little bit.

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