Haley Joel Osment Is All Grown Up ... And Playing a Bad Guy?

Haley Joel Osment is all grown up and menacing in the new Entourage movie, which he told ET was a dream come true.
"I remember when [Entourage] first came out it was huge with kids in my high school," Osment told ET. "It's just a really surreal experience to be a part of it in such a small way."
In the film, Osment plays Billy Bob Thornton's son, who stirs up trouble for Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) -- a long way from his first job in a Pizza Hut commercial.
"I was four years old," Osment remembered.
A year after landing that TV spot, Osment was playing Tom Hanks' son in Forrest Gump. Five years later, Osment became a household name for his Oscar-nominated performance in The Sixth Sense.
"A lot of kids can't make that transition to become adult actors," co-star Kevin Dillon said. "He's done it."
"He's just a fantastic actor," Adrian Grenier said. "When Hayley Joel got the part, I was like, 'That's it.'"
Osment gave us the key to his success and level-mindedness.
"I'm really lucky to have a life that isn't exclusively revolving around the business," he said.
Entourage opens June 3.