All of Emma Stone's Onscreen Romances, Ranked

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Even though Aloha has been almost universally panned by critics -- and trashed by Sony itself in leaked emails -- a romance between Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper is something we definitely want to see. Is it worth it though? And how do Emma and Bradley together compare to Emma’s other onscreen romances? We ranked them, so you don’t have to.
The rankings are based on onscreen chemistry, the believability of the pairing, and the base. (That is, what “base” they got to in the movie.) From worst to best, behold:
11. Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin (Movie 43)
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Believability: 0
Chemistry: 0
Base: Ugh, like negative third? They have one unfortunate kiss and talk about stinking fingers up each other’s...doesn’t matter. It’s almost unfair to include this pairing, because in any other movie they might work. But Movie 43 is one of the worst movies ever made and now even thinking about them together is a nightmare.
10. Emma and Tyson Ritter (The House Bunny)
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Believability: 4
Chemistry: This was the movie that popped Ritter’s cherry crossing over from music (he’s the frontman of The All-American Rejects) to acting. It shows.
Base: First. One kiss at the end of the movie.
9. Emma and Colin Firth (Magic in the Moonlight)
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Believability: 5
Chemistry: Literally none. It’s weird.
Base: First. But only after they get engaged??
8. Emma and Jonah Hill (Superbad)
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Believability: 6
Chemistry: 4
Base: An interrupted first. Jonah’s character gets drunk at a party and tries to kiss Jules (Stone), who rejects his advances. Then he passes out into her and gives her a black eye. But they have a kind of meet cute at the end, we guess.
7. Emma and Bradley Cooper (Aloha)
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Believability: 6
Chemistry: 6
Base: This was not the rom-com we wanted from these two. Maybe they can do a reverse Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence and pair up again for another movie? Because the potential is there.
6. Emma and Ryan Gosling (Gangster Squad)
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Believability: Way more believable than Emma Stone and SEAN PENN.
Chemistry: 7
Base: All the way. But keep scrolling...
5. Emma and Jessie Eisenberg (Zombieland)
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Believability: 7
Chemistry: 7
Base: First. A kiss after he saves her from the zombie apocalypse.
4. Emma and Edward Norton (Birdman)
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Believability: Surprisingly, like a solid 7.
Chemistry: Surprisingly, like a solid 7.5, at least.
Base: First. Surprisingly, we wanted to see more?
3. Emma and Penn Badgley (Easy A)
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Believability: Two high school outcasts who are hotter than any outcast at your IRL high school? Yeah, we buy it.
Chemistry: 9
Base: Emma’s character Olive has -- or rather, doesn’t have -- a lot of fake sex in the movie, but the furthest she gets with Todd (Badgley) -- or anyone else -- is a perfectly rom-com kiss at the end, i.e., first base.
2. Emma and Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2)
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Believability: 10
Chemistry: So much chemistry they started dating off-screen too. (And are still together!) Honestly, the scenes with wen and Peter are some of the best parts of the first movie, and the only good parts of the second.
Base: Second? Lots of kissing, maybe some light over-the-sweater stuff.
1. Emma and Ryan Gosling (Crazy, Stupid, Love.)
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Believability: 10
Chemistry: 10
Base: Homerun.
Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper tells ET about the “great chemistry” he has with another Aloha costar: Rachel McAdams!