EXCLUSIVE: Miles Teller Has an Idea for an 'Insurgent' Spinoff -- and We're Totally In!

Miles Teller wants a spin-off for his complex, antagonistic, smart-mouthed Insurgent character Peter Hayes, and he's already got the perfect name for it!
"I hope [Peter] gets his own spin-off. It would be called Rock 'n Roll Pete," Teller reveals in this exclusive clip from a behind-the-scenes extra off the forthcoming Insurgent DVD.
"It's just Pete rocking out, hard core, once a week," Teller added, implying that the possible spin-off could even be a TV series.
Whether it's a show or a movie, we support anything that lets us watch more Miles Teller.
Insurgent arrived on Digital HD on July 21 and is available on DVD and Blu-Ray August 4.