These Twins Recreated Iconic Horror Movie Children and It's Super Creepy

by Denny Directo 4:47 AM PDT, October 20, 2015
Playing These Twins Recreated Iconic Horror Movie Children and It's Super Creepy

Still don't have a costume planned for Halloween this year? Well, this uncanny homage to seven classic horror films is just the inspiration you need.

22 Vision, the production company behind last year's epic Little Rascals reunion, transformed a pair of adorable identical 5-year-old twins, Baylie and Rylie Cregut from Fox's Raising Hope, into some of the most iconic "creepy children" in horror movie history.

And ETonline has your first look at the creepy images!

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"Baylie & Rylie are such amazing little girls. Not only were they easy to work with but they both embodied a genuine passion for scary movies, which is rare for their young age," says 22 Vision CEO/Founder Brian Pocrass.

With the help of some amazing special effects makeup and elaborate costumes, the twins embody the monstrous characters from films such as The Shining, The Ring, Poltergeist and Children of the Damned.

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"The girls were fascinated with the whole transformation process - the elaborate costumes, hair and makeup. It was like the ultimate game of dress up for them," Pocrass adds.

Check out the exclusive photos below (if you dare!) as Baylie and Rylie recreate memorable images from these classic scary movies.

Baylie & Rylie - Before the Transformation

Photo: 22 Vision

The Exorcist - Regan

Photo: 22 Vision

Child's Play/Bride of Chucky - Chucky & Tiffany

Photo: 22 Vision

The Ring - Samara

Photo: 22 Vision

Poltergeist (1982) - Carol Anne

Photo: 22 Vision

Firestarter - Charlie

Photo: 22 Vision

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