Johnny Depp Thanks Wife Amber Heard for 'Putting Up With' Him

Even Johnny Depp realizes how challenging it must be, on occasion, to live with Johnny Depp.
The Black Mass star spoke at the Palm Springs International Film Festival while accepting the Desert Palm Achievement Award, where he thanked his wife, Amber Heard, for her patience and understanding when it comes to his method acting and penchant for taking on unusual roles.
"I also have to thank my wife, Amber, for putting up with me. For living with all these characters, which can't be easy," Depp shared with the audience. "It's hard for me, it's gotta be hard for her."
The 52-year-old three-time Oscar nominee spoke with ET's Mary Hart after his speech, where he opened up about how "it's not easy" for his wife when he's deeply invested in a wild and eccentric role -- which for Depp is almost all of them.
In fact, being married to a performer can sometimes mean waking up to a terrifying surprise, according to Depp.
"I arrived home one night I didn't want to take the old man Tonto makeup off," Depp recounted, referring to the role he played in the 2013 Western The Lone Ranger. "I just thought, 'I'll leave it,' because they're gonna put it on tomorrow morning. So, I went home and I slept in it, and [Amber] was already asleep, and I didn't say anything. Then at a certain point, she reached over and sort of put her arm around me and started flipping out."
"It was so horrible," Depp said, laughing. "It was funny. At least for me, it was funny."
Depp has often been candid about his reputation for taking on strange roles, and even his own, eccentric public persona. Last year, Depp spoke with ET where he admitted that he's "weird." Check out the video below to hear more from Depp.