Blake Lively Secretly Attends Early Screening of 'Deadpool': 'Best. Movie. Ever.'

Instagram/ Getty
Blake Lively is the most supportive wife, declaring that Deadpool is the "Best. Movie. Ever.”!
Lively turned out for a surprise fan screening of her husband Ryan Reynold's new action epic Deadpool, and the 28-year-old actress gushed over the long-awaited flick in a glowing Instagram post on Sunday.
Sharing a photo of Reynolds standing in front of an enthusiastic crowd, Lively used a red arrow to indicate her place in the throng of fans.
"It was my first time seeing @deadpoolmovie tonight," Lively captioned the pic. "I mean who do I have to sleep with to get into this movie?! Have to say... Best. Movie. Ever. No joke."

Reynolds shared the same pic to his account (minus Lively's helpful red arrow), where the 39-year-old star seemed pretty excited about the reaction from the audience, writing, "Well, that went well."
Lively has been showering her handsome husband with support and praise as publicity for his passion project heats up. For Christmas, she even got him the most adorable felt Deadpool doll.
Deadpool hits theaters Feb. 12.
For more on the R-rated, highly-anticipated, big-screen debut of the Merc With a Mouth, check out the video below.