Liam Hemsworth Rocks an Epic Beard as a Scruffy Cowboy on a Mission in 'The Duel'

Liam Hemsworth is rocking a scruffy beard and swoon-worthy drawl in his new film, The Duel, teaming up with his Hunger Games co-star, Woody Harrelson, for the intense Western.
In the movie, Hemsworth plays Texas Ranger David Kingston, who is sent to a small town run by an eccentric preacher, Abraham Brant (Harrelson), to investigate the murders and disappearances of several townsfolk. But it turns out, the two have more history than they first expect.
“By some strange twist of fate, Abraham is the same man that killed my father 20 years ago,” Kingston discovers in the trailer.
Brant, however, is far more than just a murderer. His religious zealotry seems to have the town under some kind of terrifying curse, causing people to speak in tongues and fall mysteriously ill. Plus, he’s got a score to settle.
“I’ve known you’d be coming for me David,” the preacher says forebodingly.
But Hemsworth’s character isn’t scared.
“I’m a Texas ranger, I was sent by the governor himself,” Kingston vows. “I’ve been chasing this man my entire life.”
The Duel hits theaters June 24.