'Pitch Perfect 3' Rehearsals Are Underway -- Watch the Bellas Get Moving!

Get ready to welcome back the Bellas!
Rehearsals for Pitch Perfect 3 are officially underway, and the day one on-set video posted to the film's Instagram page show what kinda moves fans can expect in the highly anticipated sequel.
"The Bellas are BACK, pitches!!!" the video, showing choreography footage featuring Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and more of the film's stars, is captioned. "Keep following for more from the set of #PitchPerfect3."

Wilson sure seems excited to be back, after sharing to Instagram this week, writing, "Loving rehearsing all day with these Bellas!"

And get ready for some action, as Wilson also posted a video from her stunt-training session for the movie.

Meanwhile, in October, Kendrick talked to ET about the followup film -- and she had some pretty lofty ideas about where the story could go.
"I would really love it if we were in space," Kendrick joked. "I personally would love to do one of those anti-gravity scenes. That's my dream!"
Hey, we're game for that!
And while we simply can't wait for this movie... we're gonna have to. Just a bit. Pitch Perfect 3 is set to strike a high note in theaters on Dec. 22.