Matthew McConaughey Reveals the Very Good Reason He Never Goes by 'Matt' -- See What He Said!

Matthew McConaughey learned from a very young age to listen to his mother.
The Gold star appeared on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Show, where he shared that he doesn't answer to Matt, and revealed why.
"It's always been Matthew, for good reason," the 47-year-old actor explained. "I was in kindergarten -- my mom's a kindergarten teacher -- my buddy, John Griffith, says, 'Hey, Matt! Wanna go play out on the monkey bars?' I ran out and say, 'Yeah.' And all of a sudden I feel this hand on my shoulder."
That hand was his mother!
"She goes, 'Don't you ever answer to Matt again. I named you Matthew from the Bible,'" he shared. "So if anyone calls me Matt today... Mom, could be there, in any corner."
Can't really have a much better reason than that!
Watch Matthew's hilarious story below.
Meanwhile, McConaughey also opened up about his nearly 50-pound weight gain on Kimmel, which he also expanded on to ET recently.
Watch the video below to see what he said.
Gold arrives in theaters on Jan. 27.