Chris Pratt Is VERY Excited to Be Filming 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' -- See the Pics!

Chris Pratt is stoked to be heading back to the galaxy!
The Guardians of the Galaxy star has been sharing pictures for the highly anticipated Marvel sequel -- which is filming right now -- and the vibes he's giving off are making us all feel like we're on a rocket ship headed to space.
"Headed back to the greatest job in the world," the 37-year-old actor wrote in a lengthy Instagram post. "Do I miss my wife and son right now? Yes. Is my elbow hurt from overdoing some stunt stuff? Yes. Am I freaked out a little by the pressure? Probably. But here's what's also true... We're killing it. KILLING IT! And the freakin sky is falling."
"But I'm doing what most of you are doing. Waking up to an alarm a little earlier than I'd like. Rollin my a** out of bed. Taking a big deep breath and moving forward," he added. "I got a ton of choices to make tomorrow. Am I gonna smile at the first person I see? F**k yes. Am I gonna light up the room. God d**n right. Am I gonna let someone extinguish the light in me? Not a chance in hell. Sorry world. I'm coming. Guns blazing. God Bless America. Seeya in the mornings mutha f**kas."

It's hard not to feel the energy Pratt is putting down!
Of course, the actor's next post gives some indication for his plethora of enthusiasm.
"Forgot one thing.... did I drink four shots of vodka on the way to my hotel room?" he wrote. "Yes I did."

Alright, Chris, well, have fun and stay safe!
Meanwhile, when Pratt isn't enjoying a nice buzz while excitedly sharing about set life, he's often raving about his wife, Anna Faris!
Watch the video below for what he told ET.
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 flies into theaters on May 5.