EXCLUSIVE: Jillian Bell Teases 'Splash' Remake With Channing Tatum: 'Hopefully We'll Do It Justice'

Jillian Bell is hoping to break new ground with her remake.
The Fist Fight star opened up to ET's Katie Krause at the Los Angeles premiere of her newest film, where she discussed her next project -- a gender-swapped remake of the Disney cult-classic mermaid film, Splash, which will co-star Channing Tatum.
"I'm really excited about it," the 32-year-old actress shared. "Every day I pinch myself. I can't believe that anyone is making this happen."
There was a time, Bell noted, when she didn't expect the movie to see the light of day.
"I pitched with Channing and then we kept thinking about it and saying, 'There's something here,' she explained. "We pitched it to Disney and it sort of just happened, and now I'm like, 'Is someone gonna take that back? Is someone gonna take that away from me right now? I hope not.'"
As for what to expect from the film, Bell said it will be familiar, but not a retread of the original.
"There'll be a couple winks to it, but we're also gonna try to do our own thing, just so that it's not exactly the same," she shared. "But we love the first one, so hopefully we'll do it justice."
We're sure you will!
No release date has been set for the aquatic remake.
Watch the video below to hear more from Bell on the project.