Steve From 'Stranger Things' Recreates Iconic 'Ferris Bueller' Scene With Domino's Pizza -- Watch!

Photo: YouTube
Joe Keery is turning into a virtuoso of '80s nostalgia!
The Stranger Things star (and his glorious hair) helped to expertly pay homage to the decade's sci-fi/monster movie culture in the Netflix breakout hit, and in a new Domino's ad, the 24-year-old actor is recreating the classic "run home" scene from the 1986 teen classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The imitation is actually pretty faithfully rendered shot-for-shot, with the one major difference being that this is a pizza commercial -- what Keery is running home for is an incoming Domino's delivery.
For comparison, check out the original scene below!
Now, one occasion that will definitely call for some pizza is the upcoming Halloween release of Stranger Things season 2 on Netflix.
Watch the video below to see the intense teaser trailer.