Richard Gere Admits He Has Not Seen 'Pretty Woman' in 27 Years

Richard Gere showed up at the studio of Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, which just so happens to be located near where the actor filmed the iconic Hollywood Boulevard scene in Pretty Woman all those years ago.
While chatting with Kimmel, Gere admitted that he hasn't seen the 1990 film in 27 years. "You wanna know the truth, when I saw it with her," he said, presumably talking about his Pretty Woman co-star, Julia Roberts, "we were in previews."

In the film, Gere portrays a wealthy businessman who needs an escort for some social events. He instead hires a beautiful prostitute (Roberts) and they end up falling in love.
Gere said he has people "all over the world" come up and ask him about Pretty Woman. "Do you ever have a woman come up to you and say, 'You know, because of you and your movie, I became a hooker,'" Kimmel inquired.
"Every once in a while," the 67-year-old star jokingly responded.
ET caught up with Gere last week at the Los Angeles premiere of his latest film, Norman, where he revealed that it was his friendship with Roberts that was a big takeaway from the classic movie. "[I still talk to her] all the time. I spoke to her three or four times a day," he shared. "I would call her right now."
Still, Gere didn't seem interested in doing a possible Pretty Woman musical. "No, of course [I wouldn't appear in the musical]," he confessed.