Scarlett Johansson Blown Away by Look-Alike Grandma, Invites Her Out for Drinks

Getty Images/ Imgur
Scarlett Johansson is as floored by this as we are.
The Rough Night star caught wind of a viral photo going around of a Reddit user's grandmother, who, when she was younger, basically looked identical to the BAFTA-winning actress.
"I have been inundated with emails and messages about how we look alike," the 32-year-old actress said in a response video. "I had to look at the photo myself -- Holy crap!"
At that point, ScarJo invited the grandmother, Geraldine, out for an all-expenses paid trip to her Rough Night movie premiere, and more importantly, for drinks!
"I want to meet you in person. Let's have a drink, Geraldine," she said, noting how Geraldine is rumored to have confessed she was "drunk as a skunk" when the photo was taken. "Do you want to come see Rough Night with me?"
Ball's in your court, Geraldine! Please, for the good of the internet, get drinks with your long-lost twin!
Watch the video below for more on Rough Night., which opens in theaters on June 16.