Stephen King's Greatest Film and TV Adaptations, Ranked!

by Zach Seemayer 8:14 PM PDT, June 20, 2017

Stephen King has written 57 novels and five nonfiction books and published 11 collections of his short stories and novellas. His first book, Carrie, was published in 1974, over 43 years ago. That means, if averaged out, he's released more than one and a half books per year.

And out of all that, there have been a handful of good adaptations, and even fewer that King himself has liked. With the upcoming releases of the long-awaited screen adaptation of The Dark Tower -- which seems bound to be amazing, if the trailers are any indication -- and the remake of It, ET is taking another look at the 12 best movies based on King's many stories (ranked in order from OK to life-changing).

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Click through the gallery below to see which of King's movies made the cut.

With a new TV adaption of King's disturbing short story The Mist coming to Spike on June 22 and David E. Kelley taking on Mr. Mercedes in the Audience Network series premiering Aug. 9, ET is taking a look back at some of the best shows based on the works of the unparalleled horror icon.

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Click through the gallery below to see our ranking of the horror master's greatest TV shows and miniseries.

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