'This Is The End' Challenge!

by ETonline Staff     12:38 PM PDT April 16, 2013

James Franco & Seth Rogen are ushering in the apocalypse this summer with 'This Is The End,' in theaters June 12, and now you can bide your time by testing your knowledge of the film and cast! Click below to determine the right answers...

James Franco and Seth Rogen are known to be best buds, and have partnered up on several projects. On what well-known television program did the pair first work together?
  • My So-Called Life   
  • Family Guy   
  • Freaks and Geeks   
  • The Wonder Years   
Which Harry Potter alumnus has a role in 'This is the End'?
  • Daniel Radcliffe   
  • Emma Watson   
  • Rupert Grint   
  • Bonnie Wright   
'This is the End' is written and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who being comedy partners and childhood friends work together often. In which of their comedies did they give their own first names to the two lead characters?
  • 50/50   
  • Superbad   
  • The Green Hornet   
  • The Watch   
On April Fool's Day, a fake trailer masquerading as a sequel to what popular comedy film was released -- which turned out to be a teaser trailer for 'This is the End'?
  • The Other Guys   
  • Step Brothers   
  • Pineapple Express   
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall   
Out of 'This is the End''s six main characters, all of them have lent their voices to an animated movie, with the exception of who?
  • Danny McBride   
  • Jay Baruchel   
  • Craig Robinson   
  • James Franco   

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