Famous Father-Son Movies Quiz

15:00 PM PDT, May 30, 2013

Will Smith and son Jaden reunite on the big screen for the second time in 'After Earth,' following 2006's 'The Pursuit of Happyness,' and we've rounded up a handful of real-life celebrity father-son movie projects for our latest quiz. Think you know your Hollywood family pairings? Click the answers below to find out!

What are Will and Jaden Smith's character's names in 'After Earth'
  • Biggs and Luke Starkiller   
  • Cypher and Kitai Raige   
  • Charles and Kitson Ark   
  • Enigma and Katniss Clark   
Charlie Sheen and dad Martin Sheen played father and son in which iconic '80s movie?
  • Born on the Fourth of July   
  • The Dead Zone   
  • Platoon   
  • Wall Street   
Martin Sheen played father to son Emilio Estevez in which movie directed by Estevez?
  • The Way   
  • Bobby   
  • The Amazing Spider-Man   
Kirk Douglas, son Michael Douglas and grandson Cameron Douglas played three generations of family in what 2003 film?
  • The Family Man   
  • It Runs in the Family   
  • Family Guy   
  • Star Trek: Generations   
Ben Stiller and Jerry Stiller love to work together. Which film did they NOT star together in?
  • Flirting with Disaster   
  • The Heartbreak Kid   
  • Heavyweights   
  • Zoolander   
James Caan and Scott Caan shared the screen twice. In which films?
  • The Godfather and Ocean's Twelve   
  • A Boy Called Hate and Mercy   
  • Into the Blue and Ocean's Eleven   
Josh Brolin and James Brolin paired up onscreen in 1997's 'My Brother's War,' which was about what?
  • The Northern Ireland Conflict   
  • Competitive Ice Cream Vendors   
  • Soldiers on the Battlefield   
Dustin Hoffman and his son Jake actually play grandfather and grandson in which 2010 film?
  • Little Fockers   
  • Last Chance Harvey   
  • Barney's Version    

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