Peek Inside Bryan Adams' Book of Celeb Portraits

Peek Inside Bryan Adams' Book of Portraits

For over three decades Grammy Award winner Bryan Adams has been winning over audiences with hit songs like Everything I Do (I Do It for You) and Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?.

The rock musician/producer/songwriter has garnered awards and nominations left and right, including three Academy Award nominations for writing in film, but now he is adding photographer to his list of amazing talents. Bryan ventured into the art of photography after he became interested in making photographic self-portraits for his album covers, which years later led to Adams' first book of photos, Exposed, out now. This book of portraits, which includes a foreword by Sir Elton John, gives us a look inside the lives of some of Hollywood's greatest and most popular celebrities without exposing too much about their private lives. The book features some of Bryan's friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry, including the late Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson and Billy Idol, just to name a few. As a photographer, Bryan has worked with many of his musical peers from The Who to Sting to Shania Twain, so there is no doubt Adams has a unique aptitude for putting these artists in their comfort zone and revealing a side of them we have never seen before. Click on the gallery to check out some of Exposed's amazing portraits, and catch Bryan at future exhibitions of his work in London, Doha and Dusseldorf in 2013.

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