Which 'Idol' Remixed A Classic The Best?

Photo: FOX
Like the music industry, it takes a lot for an American Idol contestant to truly impress me. Had Nigel Lythgoe tapped me as a judge, there would be far fewer unanimous standing ovations (although my girl Nicki Minaj has been keeping it real this season). Don't get me wrong, an ear-delicious vocal performance sets my hair on end, but serve something original if you want to see me rise.
Well, Candice Glover did just last night that when she delivered a sultry, bluesy and phenomenal reworking of Paula Abdul's 1988 hit, Straight Up [WATCH]. Candice not only blew past season nine's Andrew Garcia's Hollywood Week version with her ovation-worthy rendition, but is now forever my girl!
Candice joins a (not as long as you'd think) list of Idol alums who have flipped the script, reworked the track and delivered something excitingly outside the box during the show's 12 year run. Check out my favorite remix performances and weigh in on which is your favorite!
Season Three - Fantasia's It's A Miracle
Season Five - Chris Daughtry's Higher Ground
Season Six - Blake Lewis' You Give Love A Bad Name
Season Seven - David Cook's Billie Jean
Season Eight - Kris Allen's Heartless
Season Eight - Adam Lambert's Tracks of My Tears
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