Will.i.am: Miley's New Album Will 'Redefine' Her

Photo: Getty Images
Will.i.am was hard at work promoting his highly anticipated fourth solo studio album #willpower on Tuesday, but when collaborator Miley Cyrus dropped in to join his Google+ hangout this afternoon (hosted by Shira Lazar of What's Trending) talk quickly turned to excitement for his 20-year-old partner-in-crime's new album in the making.
"[It will] redefine everything you think of as Miley Cyrus," teased Will.i.am, who recently had the opportunity to preview a few tracks from the young artist's forthcoming CD.
The twosome put their minds and voices together for Fall Down, a song which Will.i.am boasts is the best of the bunch on #willpower.
"The end of Fall Down is my favorite part of the whole record," said the 38-year-old singer, who described the track as if "Quincy Jones just sneezed on it."
Gushed Will.i.am, "She's really, really, really talented."
Britney Spears also dropped by the chat to support her Scream & Shout partner. When asked by a fan about possible collaborations in the future, Will.i.am remained coy about his involvement, but seemed optimistic he will likely lay down a few songs with Spears on her 8th studio album.
"Whatever I end up doing [on Spears' new CD]…is being taken with serious care," he said.
In the meantime, Will.i.am's new album #willpower is out now. You can watch the entire Google+ hangout here!