DeSean Jackson and Mike Posner's 'Madden' Battle

Philadelphia Eagles' DeSean Jackson and Mike Posner go head to head in a game of Madden NFL 25 in this clip for's Player vs. Gamer series, which takes pro-athletes and puts them head-to-head with their teammates, pro-gamers or other celebs to battle it out on the Xbox One!
Jackson also reveals one of his favorite video games in the clip -- and the old-school answer may surprise you!
"I love Sonic the Hedgehog -- untouchable, like I used to think of myself as him," he said. "So fast, running away from things, collecting coins and all that."
But Posner proves himself to be a formidable gamer, as you can see by watching the full Player vs. Gamer episode here. And be sure to also check out Posner's new video for Top of the World featuring Big Sean, off of his new album Pages out this Spring, by clicking here!