Diddy No More! Sean Combs Returns To Old Name

Photo: Getty Images
From Puff Daddy to P. Diddy to Diddy, Sean Combs is once again switching up his public nickname.
The 44-year-old entertainer will now return to the name he used when he launched his rap career in the '90s, Puff Daddy. The news was subtly announced when the hip-hop mogul dropped a video teaser for Big Homie, a song Rick Ross and French Montana, that featured his new/old name in the title cards.
He then tweeted on Monday, March 24:
Regardless, over the past 13 years, Combs has referred to himself as Diddy and/or P. Diddy and his Twitter account still reads that way.
Which name do you think best fits the rapper: Diddy or Puff Daddy?