1D's Liam Payne Teases Fans with 'Full-Frontal' Pic

One Direction's Liam Payne whipped the British boy band's fans into a frenzy Sunday, when he posted a picture of himself on Instagram appearing to be totally naked.

"Damn that was my last pair!" he wrote, appearing to expose himself on a boat with his private parts pixelated out.

Just one of the excited comments on the racy post read: "F*ck that’s so hot & why prank us like that I was hoping you would be nude."

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However, Liam, 20, revealed it was indeed a joke with a follow-up post.

"Oh I found them never mind aha," he later wrote.

... Though his swim trunks are pretty tiny though, right?!

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Do you think Liam has replaced Harry Styles as the hottest One Direction member?

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