Beyonce Put Her Album on Spotify and You Should Listen to It (No Matter What Taylor Swift Says)

Photo: Getty Images
EVERYONE deserves the right to listen to “Partition.”
That seems to be the stance Beyoncé is taking in the case of Swift v. Spotify. Nearly a year after the (surprise) release of her album Beyoncé, Queen B uploaded her new Platinum Edition to Spotify, including the 14 original tracks, plus two new songs and four additional remixes.
So while Taylor is all:
Beyonce is like, “My feminist sistren, listen to ‘Flawless’ or ‘Pretty Hurts.’”
“Want to express yourself through the art of dance? Try ‘Blow’ or ‘Yonce.’”
“Go forth and multiply to ‘Partition.’”
“Oh, you want new music too? Here’s a joint called ‘7-11.’ Twerk to that.”
Beyoncé also uploaded all of the music videos from her visual album to VEVO and YouTube. So if you haven’t seen them yet — and if you haven’t seen them yet, HOW have you not seen them yet?! — go here and watch them all ASAP.
Photo: YouTube
So why is Beyoncé #TeamSpotify? Maybe she just wants people to hear her music however they can. Maybe she embraces streaming as the future of digital music. Maybe she heard Billboard's announcement last week that they will start factoring streams from Spotify and Google Play, among others, into determining the Billboard 200. Get that chart play, Yonce.
“There is a value to what musicians have created!” Taylor shouts.
We get it, Swift. Now, please. We’re trying to listen to Beyoncé.
Meanwhile, Miss Tina Knowles visited ET and spilled details about Solange Knowles' weekend wedding and how Bey saved the day! Watch now: