Taylor Swift Soothes a Fan's Broken Heart with Custom Breakup Playlist

If there's one thing Taylor Swift knows, it's how to cure heartbreak with music.
OK, she's actually a pro at pretty much everything, but now she's combining her expertise in breakups and social media with a pitch-perfect, custom-made "moving on" playlist.
It all started when Tumblr user nevergooutofstyle posted about a sudden breakup, and Swift responded in the best way possible. See the entire exchange below.
If you find yourself in need of Swift's "break up/moving on" playlist, we've embedded it for you below (via Huffington Post).
Turns out, the Charli XCX love is mutual. The pop rocker appeared on BBC's Radio 1 Live Lounge to deliver a punk rendition of Swift's "Shake It Off" -- and it's amazing. Watch below.
What do you think of Swift's breakup playlist? Is your go-to heartbreak song featured?
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